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By combining local knowledge with Meta expertise to provide customized solutions for native advertisers across Pakistan, Dial Zero can help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to digital advertising. We are not an agency that executes campaigns; What we do is provide in region support, local billing and consulting on both the strategic and optimization aspects of your campaigns.
Additionally, Dial Zero offers in-market training sessions to take your campaigns and creatives to the next level.
Our services

Let Us Help You Take Your Business To The Next Level

We’re in the business of scaling businesses. And we do this by providing free support to advertisers and agencies that want to get the most out of Meta apps.


Advertising Expertise

How to optimize across all Meta family of apps, products and services.

Regional Support

Access regional support, localized insights and flexibility to pay in local currency.

In-Market Upskilling

Register with us to bag invites to workshops that teach you essential skills to skyrocket across Meta apps.

Creative Enablement

Brainstorm and execute more effective creative campaigns with your designated client partner.

What value does working with a Meta ASP bring to me as a business?

Authorized Sales Partners offer three main benefits:

  • Solutions expertise: With expertise across all products, apps and services, Authorized Sales Partners can help you make the most of what Meta has to offer.
  • Local support and consulting: Authorized Sales Partners provide in-region support, local billing and consulting on both the strategic and optimization aspects of your campaigns.
  • In-market training: Authorized Sales Partners can offer access to programs and training, including Meta Workshops and Meta Blueprint, to help your teams learn new and essential skills.

Some of the services Authorized Sales Partners offer include:

  • Campaign consultancy with regional experience
  • Deep solutions expertise for Meta’s family of apps and services
  • A direct point of contact, located in the same region as your business
  • In-market training programs such as Blueprint Live and Blueprint Certification preparation
  • Local billing

Does Dial Zero charge any service fee?

We do not charge any fees for our services. All our services are completely free of cost and there are no hidden charges, you only pay for what you advertise. The amount deposited is reflected on your Ad Account.

How can I onboard my agency with Dial Zero?

Please fill our KYC form here and someone from our sales team will reach out to you.

What are the onboarding steps?

Dial Zero onboarding process is a simple three step process.

Step 1:  Fill our KYC form here

Step 2:  Fill our Ad Account request form here

Step 3:  Align payment method.

Congratulations, you are now fully onboarded and ready to advertise with us.

Will I lose my data when I shift to a Dial Zero Ad Account?

Absolutely not! Your previous Ad Account will remain with you and you will be able to see your past campaign data at any given time.

What if we require proof that you are the official partner for Meta in Pakistan?

You can visit the Meta ASP website here for further verification.

Can you help me with Facebook/Instagram page verification?

We only provide assistance during the process of page verification, we cannot guarantee whether pages will be verified or not as there is a separate independent team reviewing these requests.

Can you create a Business Manager for us?

We do not create anything for any advertiser except the Ad Account

Can I get Blueprint certified via Dial Zero?

We have regular Blueprint trainings scheduled for onboarded clients, once a training session is completed you can reach out to your Client Partner for a Blueprint certification. The exam will need to be taken by the individual under a proctored environment to pass the test. Dial Zero cannot guarantee the certification, however we are here to help during your learning journey.

Think we could work together? We love collaborating with ambitious brands. Partner with us to take your Meta solutions to the next level.

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